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Are you ready to start trusting yourself so that you can do that big scary thing?

Together, we can look for your best path that allows you to start working toward your goals with self-trust and compassion!

I don't know about you, but I didn't really need another article or book to tell me how to write, or how to create goals, or how to market. I needed to learn how to work through procrastination, perfectionism, negative self-talk, and fear.

It wasn't an easy process and all those things that were keeping me from doing the big scary things I wanted to do will probably always be lingering.

While they still linger, I no longer allow them to rule my life.

I want that for you, too! I want you to do all the big scary things you want to do.

You can write the book.

(I'm working on my 4th book of varying lengths and genres!)

You can create goals and work toward them with self-compassion.

(Who knew that forgiveness and compassion would be more motivating than the terrible way I talked to myself before!)

You can share your creations with the world.

(Marketing is way more scary than clicking publish, and can often feel icky, but it doesn't have to be scary or icky!)

Ready to start doing your big scary thing?

Can you just imagine...

What it would feel like to write the book you've always wanted?

What it would be like to start creating goals and working toward them in a more sustainable and compassionate way?

What it would be like to market your creations with less fear and ick?

Then, we need to chat!

Journaling / Writing

Journaling and writing is the center of my practice, so these will be woven into all chat sessions. You'll explore what paths work best for you because this isn't a one size fits all process.

You will do most of the work. I will just be along to guide and support you.

Goals with Compassion

Once I began approaching goals with self-compassion, I found my motivation for working on my goals increase.

And that's been backed by scientific studies now.

We can find your best path toward creating and working toward goals with self-compassion.


Very few writers/artists I know like to market. First, it is crazy scary. After you got all the courage up to click publish on your piece, now you have to TELL people about it and ask them to BUY it. That is next level scary!

Then, there's the ick factor. Marketing can just feel icky. But it doesn't have to be scary or icky.

What people are saying

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Chatting with Jerri has been very impactful in my writing. She listens to what I’m challenged by and then offers prompts to help me think of solutions. After we chat, I’m very motivated and can’t wait to continue with my writing!

~ Soon to be published author!

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Virtual Chats with Jerri have been a tremendous source of motivation and encouragement. Jerri is an attentive chatting partner who will help you clarify your focus and inspire you on your journey. She’s also extremely knowledgeable in practical ways so she can also help you figure out the nuts and bolts of your project.

~ Sharing work freely!

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I’m a first time book writer. And it’s scary! But chatting with Jerri gives me the confidence to continue. She challenges me to think outside just my own story and to see how the reader will see it. The feedback she provides is so motivating and gives me the push that I need.”

~ Getting the words on the page!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Chat?

Instead of meeting in person or over Zoom (I think we are all tired of those!), we will chat via our chat room (or if it doesn't work as planned, email or something else). You can ask a question or share a struggle and I will respond within one business day.

I am still working on all the logistics, so I appreciate your patience going in!

How does appointment scheduling work?

There are no appointments! You have the freedom to send a question anytime. You don't have to wait until your next session because there are no sessions. Also, you have the time and space to think about what you want to ask and how you want to respond. I do too! Please try to keep your message centered on one question/struggle at a time and I will respond within one business day.

How long are Virtual Chat sessions?

You have the option of selecting two weeks (14 calendar days) or four weeks (28 calendar days). You can ask questions anytime within your session time frame and I will respond within one business day. Please review my terms & conditions for all the details.

Can I use this in place of therapy?

Absolutely not. I am not a therapist and I am not a certified coach. Nothing in our correspondence should be construed as therapeutic advice.

If emotions and feelings come up that feel too big to handle, which can while journaling, please seek out a professional therapist who you feel comfortable with and who listens to you.

What happens when my Virtual Chat session is over?

Once your session is over, you will be placed in "inactive" status, unless you purchase another Virtual Chat package. While you're in "inactive" status, you will not be able to post new questions, but you will have access to your chat room to review our conversation.

How much does it cost?

Two week sessions (14 calendar days) is $57.00 USD.

Four week sessions (28 calendar days) is $92.00 USD.

What happens after I submit the application form?

  1. You will get an email from Payhip confirming your submission of the form. (Payhip is the platform I use to house all my digital offerings).
  2. I will review your application to make sure what you want to chat about falls into one of the categories I outlined.
  3. If approved, you will get another email from Payhip letting you know you are ready to sign up! If I think you would be better served speaking with someone with different expertise, I will inform you of that and provide resources if I know any for you.
  4. You'll register and find your chat room!
  5. You'll be emailed by Payhip each time a new comment is posted for you to read.

Ready to get started?

Please complete the form below and let me know what you want to chat about: journaling/writing, creating and working toward goals with compassion, and/or marketing.

If you've been accepted, you will receive an email to register. (Please allow at least one business day to receive the registration email.)

Then, you will select two weeks (14 days) or four weeks (28 days) and complete your registration. After that, you'll be asked to log into your chat room.

Submitting this form means you agree to my Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.