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Goals, but Different

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Imagine creating goals that allow us to expand rather than achieve (though those two terms are not mutually exclusive). We can design goals with compassion, which allows us the space to work toward them without beating ourselves us with every misstep. We can learn new routines and habits that serve us in working toward our goals and talk to ourselves nicer along the way and be our own cheerleader in the process.

Goals, but Different contains journal prompts and other exercises to help you determine the best path for you. You will have the opportunity to design specific goals and be the architect of how you will achieve them.

It's like a self-paced class in the form of an ebook. 

This ebook has 21 journal prompts to help guide you though each section as well as exercises and other tools. Total of 59 pages including front and back cover.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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