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An Accidental Self-Compassion Advocate

I stumbled into self-compassion. I didn't mean to do it, and I certainly never intended to be a self-compassion advocate! ⁠

When I noticed how much more motivating it was to treat myself with compassion than when I beat myself up constantly, I knew I would have to share this secret - that really isn't that big of a secret. ⁠

You just have to know where to look. ⁠

And I've looked. Studied. Journaled. Practiced. ⁠

Now, I want you to share in the power of self-compassion.

Goals, but Different: The Virtual Clinic


Does this sound familiar?

If I don't meet a goal or do work up to my standards, I beat myself up.

I say terrible things to myself. And I continue saying them for days or weeks or months.

When I do something good, I downplay its significance and look for the next thing I need to accomplish.

I was right there, too! I said terrible things to myself when I didn't meet my standards.

I would ruminate on the mistakes I made for way too long.

But, when I did something good, I would brush it off as a fluke or something.

Learning to practice self-compassion has changed a lot of that. It has allowed me to begin harnessing my power.

Self-compassion allows me to expand and grow.

I want that for you, too.

I invite you to Goals, But Different: The Virtual Clinic

After this Virtual Clinic, you will have the foundation to begin practicing self-compassion through creating and working toward goals.

What we'll talk about:

  • What is self-compassion?
  • How to begin your practice.
  • How to create goals with self-compassion built into the process.
  • How to use goals to rebuild self-trust.
  • How self-compassion can be more motivating than many people believe.

It isn't even about the goals, really. It is about growth.

You deserve growth. You deserve compassion.

Join me.

Goals, but Different: The Virtual Clinic


About Jerri

I never set out to talk about self-compassion. I didn't even really know it existed.

Now, I am convinced that things get put in your path, and you won't see them until you are ready to receive them.

I'm sure self-compassion was put in my path many times before I was ready to see it. And it was a forehead-slap-type moment. Still, I didn't realize what I was forming in my brain was self-compassion. Compassion was for others, not the self.

Since that moment, I have researched, studied, journaled, and practiced self-compassion. I am convinced of its power and want to share it with you!

What people are saying

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Goals, but Different is priceless! Seriously, it is so good.

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This has made me rethink how I approach my goals.

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The journal prompts helped me dig deeper into how I approach goals now and how I want to approach goals in the future.

Goals, but Different: The Virtual Clinic



Looking for the PDF eBook?

Looking for the PDF eBook? ⋆

Goals, but Different
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How many personal goals have you created and then did nothing about?

How many times have you thought to yourself, "Why can't I just do this thing?"

How many times have you noticed some not-nice thoughts when you don't work on a goal?

Imagine creating goals and a practice to work toward them that will help you to expand
rather than achieve (though those two terms are not mutually exclusive).

You can design goals with compassion, which allows you the space to work toward them without beating yourself up with every misstep.

You can learn new routines and habits that serve you in working toward your goals while talking to yourself nicer along the way to be your own cheerleader.

Goals, but Different is the book I wish I had when I first started on my journey of self-compassion. Because goals is where I noticed the harsh ways I spoke to myself and was my entry point to self-compassion, it seemed like a good place to begin.

This ebook is the culmination of several iterations which can document my progression of self-compassion. Now, you can have the biggest lessons and concepts I've learned all in one place. No searching all over for information because I am handing it all to you. 

All for the tiny investment of $17 USD. 

Goals, but Different contains personal anecdotes and journal prompts to help you determine the best path for you. You will have the opportunity to design specific goals and be the architect of how you will achieve them.

It's like a self-paced class in the form of an ebook. 

14 sections
27 journal prompts
Current Habit Calendar
Habit Tracker
Reflection sheets
Goal Sheet
Book Recommendations

82 page PDF

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